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Ravelin Reactive Steel Targets & Specifications

Rotator® Rotary Action Handgun and Shotgun Target

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Rotator® Rotary Action Handgun and Shotgun Reactive Steel Target. US Patent 7114724 B2


Urban Rifle Target with Tactical Drop-down Window

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Urban Rifle Reactive Steel Target with tactical drop down window. Hits can be seen and heard out to 450 yards


Law Enforcement and Agency Pricing: Please Contact Us


Any use of slugs, steel-core, armor-piercing or hardened-type ammo voids all warranties.  Use only on rangees with proper backstop height.  It is the User's responsibility to inspect targets for proper operaton and condition prior to using target.  Discontinue the use of any steel target at close range (less than 75 yRds) that has surface craters caused by wear or impoper ammunition use on the target impact area

Ravelin AR 500 Reactive Steel Targets for Practical, Tactical Defensive Training

  • Challenging
  • Self-resetting
  • Easy to reposition
  • Register positive hits
  • Require no external power source
  • Angled design minimizes splash-back
  • Heavy duty bolted design maximizes target life

Target paddle assembly consists of two paddles bolted together. 8" x 8" impact area on each paddle. 

Requires consecutive, well placed, alternating hits in order to rotate the paddle assembly

Target assembly consists of a 8" x 12" impact area; overall size of 8" x 20" including a drop down window.. 

Tactical window drops point of aim and protects axle.

Ravelin Group Reactive Steel Targets are intended for a specific use of an inherently dangerous activity and must be used in the intended manner only and in direct compliance and accord with all instructions provided with the product.  Even so, personal injury or property damage may occur.  Any alteration of a Safe Dirction product voids all warranties expressed or implied.  Replace after initial ballistic use.  Safe Direction products are not intended for personal ballistic protection.  Serious injury or death may result from misuse of Safe Direction products. 

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