Ravelin Group is Dedicated to Gun Handling Competence & Confidence in Defensive Firearms Training, IL Concealed Carry Training, Safe Direction Ballistic Containment: Unintentional Discharge Aftermath Protection, AR 500 Reactive Steel Targets.

Train for Success.  

Ravelin Group's Defensive Firearm Training and Illinois Concealed Carry Firearm (ILCCF) Instruction is led by experienced firearm instructor, Steve Camp, whose life-long passion in firearms training and broad background in business combine to create insightful and individualized instruction.  

Incorporate Safety Protocols. 

Ravelin Group is the manufacturer of Safe Direction® Ballistic Containment/Gun Handling Safety Products including the Academy Pad™. 

Improve Skills with Challenging Targets.  

Ravelin Group is the manufacturer of AR 500 Reactive Steel Targets including the patented Rotator® Rotary Action Handgun and Shotgun Target and URT Urban Rifle Target. 

Training Courses Offered:

Introductory -Basic-Advanced
8 hour and 16 hour Classes